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UVLayout Videos

Below are links to a few key videos, showing the major features of UVLayout. You should start with these if you want a quick introduction to what UVLayout can do.

VideoDurationSize (bytes)
UVLayout-Watch-Me-First.mkv 23:0039,032,140
UVLayout-Cutting-Meshes.mkv 5:1313,996,903
UVLayout-Basic-Flattening.mkv 5:1012,087,326
UVLayout-Split-and-Stretch.mkv 8:1127,096,833
UVLayout-Symmetry-Find-1.mkv 10:3519,473,651

Note: If you are having problems viewing videos directly from the
web page, right click on the link and select "Save Link As ..." to download
the file to your PC first, then view the saved file.

Use the Videos sub-menus over to the left to access all of the UVLayout videos. Those highlighted in green have been added recently.

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