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UVLayout can be purchased in three different versions: Professional, Hobbyist or Student. There are no restrictions on who can buy what; anyone can buy a Student license if they're happy to accept its limitations.

There isn't a separate purchase for either of the Windows, Mac OS X or Linux installs. You simply buy the license you'd like (i.e. Professional, Hobbyist or Student), and then download whatever installer is appropriate for your system. All licenses also allow you to install UVLayout on multiple systems, so you could run both the Windows and Mac OS X installs of UVLayout if you wish.

Please download the free Demo version and test UVLayout on your system before purchasing. All sales are final as we are unable to provide refunds.

Click on the headings below for more information on each version and to access the "Buy" buttons.

Note: The prices shown here are for Australian buyers only, and include GST (Goods and Services Tax). International buyers should click here to make their purchases.

Professional - AU$330
  • For the artist where every minute counts
  • All tools, including Map Repainting,
    Advanced Packing, Advanced SUBDs
  • Free software updates for 12 months
  • USB Dongle locked or Floating licenses
  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux installs
       * Price varies according to shipping and licensing options.
Hobbyist - AU$220
  • For the part time artist on a budget
  • Most tools, including Symmetry Find,
    Basic Packing, Stacking
  • Free software updates for 12 months
  • No Dongles nor Ether IDs required
  • Windows and Mac OS X installs
Student - AU$110
  • For the student artist doing work at home
  • License expires after 12 months
  • Non-commercial individual use only.
    Institutions should contact us about
    our Educational floating licenses.
  • Otherwise, same as the Hobbyist version

Q: How do I buy the Mac OS X version of UVLayout?
A: When you buy a license of UVLayout, you have access to all versions of UVLayout (i.e. Windows, OS X and Linux). You don't have to select which one you're buying because you can download and use them all if you want.

Q: Can I use a Hobbyist license for commercial work?
A: Yes, there's no restriction on what you can use a Hobbyist license for. However, its a single user license, so can only be purchased by individuals. Companies buying one or more licenses for multiple users have to purchase Professional licenses.

Q: Can I upgrade a Student or Hobbyist license?
A: Yes, if you purchase a Student license now you'll get a AU$55 discount when upgrading that to a Hobbyist or Professional license, and if you buy a Hobbyist license you'll get a AU$110 discount when upgrading it to a Professional license.

Q: Are there any ongoing costs?
A: After 12 months your access to free support and updates expires, but at that point Hobbyist and Professional license holders have the option to extend their support period for a further year. This Support Subscription is AU$55 per license per annum, and you can find a payment link for that by logging in to your account and then go to the Support Details page.

Q: Does upgrading affect the support subscription?
A: If you purchase an upgrade, your support period will be reset, giving you 12 more months of free access.

Q: Do you have floating licenses?
A: Yes, we do; look for them under Professional licenses. Our floating license server software will run on either Mac OS X, Linux or Windows servers. We recommend you test the server software first, so please contact us for evaluation floating licenses before buying.

Q: Do you have a site license?
A: No, but we do have floating licenses; see above.

Q: Do you give a discount for bulk purchases?
A: No, there's no discount on multiple licenses. However, if you purchase multiple Dongle licenses and select FedEx shipping, you can make a saving. Just enter the number of dongles you want to buy into the order form, and the combined shipping is automatically taken into account.

Q: Who is 2CheckOut?
A: 2CheckOut is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by headus, and they will accept credit/debit card payments online. If you wish to buy directly from headus, contact us and we'll email you our bank wire details. Posted paper cheques are not normally accepted, so please contact us if this is your only option.

Q: I dont have a credit/debit card. Can I pay via a bank transfer?
A: Yes, just let us know that you want to do this and we'll send you our bank account details.

Q: I paid but wheres my Dongle license?
A: If the payment processed successfully, then the license key information is usually emailed to you within a couple of days. We also need to ship the dongle to your shipping address, so that will take a few days too.

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