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Windows: Download and run the EXE file below to install the Demo version of UVLayout for Windows platforms. See Installation_Guide:_Windows for full installation instructions.

Mac OS X: Download the DMG file, then open it up and follow the instructions in the Read-Me.txt file. See Installation_Guide:_OS_X for full installation instructions.

Linux: Download the TGZ file. For 64bit OSs only. See Installation_Guide:_Linux for full installation instructions.

The Demo version is free, but has a limited duration license. You will need to come back here every couple of months to download a new installer if you want to keep on using UVLayout.

File   Description   Last Modified   Size (bytes)   
headus-UVLayout-Demo.exeExpires 14 May 2019 2019-02-19 15:1213,539,608
headus-UVLayout-Demo.dmgFor Mac OS X 2019-02-19 15:1217,651,812
XQuartz-2.7.8.dmg    + Compatible XQuartz for OS X 2019-02-19 15:1275,948,224
headus-UVLayout-Demo.tgzFor 64 bit Linux 2019-02-19 15:1213,332,338
headus-missing-libs.64.tgz    + Linux libs you may need 2019-02-19 15:12668,273
md5sum.txtFile Checksums 2019-02-19 15:12290

Note: To grab a binary file, first move the mouse pointer over the link, click the right mouse button, then select "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...".

    You can run the Demo version of UVLayout in one of three modes:

    • When in the default Demo mode, only the very basic tools are available.
    • When in Hobbyist Trial mode, all the Hobbyist/Student level tools are available, but you will not be able to save your work. Click on Try Hobbyist Version to active this mode.
    • When in Professional Trial mode, all tools are available, but again you will not be able to save. Click on Try Professional Version to active this mode.

    After installation, you can run UVLayout by drag'n'dropping OBJ files onto the "UVLayout Demo" icon. Once UVLayout is running, click on About UVLayout then View User Guide for an explanation of all the buttons and hot-keys. The training videos are also a good reference; there's a ticker line at the top of the screen that shows which keys and mouse-buttons are being pressed.

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