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UVLayout Videos

Below are the remaining old beta release movies, showing the features that were added with each version. Gradually these old beta release videos will be removed and replaced with up-to-date videos in the other sections.

VideoDurationSize (bytes)
UVLayout-Beta-v1.7.mkv 4:353,236,213
UVLayout-Beta-v1.8.mkv 10:3312,427,649
UVLayout-Beta-v1.9.mkv 17:4441,907,534
UVLayout-Beta-v1.10.mkv 12:3726,325,817
UVLayout-Beta-v1.11.mkv 23:3139,172,402
UVLayout-Beta-v1.12.mkv 13:3128,180,105
UVLayout-Beta-v1.14.mkv 5:165,493,577
UVLayout-Beta-v1.15B.mkv 8:2619,767,541
UVLayout-Beta-v1.16A.mkv 12:3618,319,164
UVLayout-Beta-v1.16B.mkv 9:1524,219,380

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