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UVLayout Videos

Below are the tutorial videos. The aim of these is to show UVLayout being used on a particular mesh, from beginning to end, without getting too involved in exactly how each hotkey and button can be used.

VideoDurationSize (bytes)
UVLayout-Head-1.mkv 11:0030,217,479
UVLayout-Head-2.mkv 8:2321,143,087
UVLayout-Head-3.mkv 7:3519,147,419
UVLayout-Head-Update.mkv 5:1614,256,702
UVLayout-Head-Texture.mkv 17:1533,250,131
UVLayout-Label-Pattern.mkv 11:1324,507,123

Note: If you are having problems viewing videos directly from the
web page, right click on the link and select "Save Link As ..." to download
the file to your PC first, then view the saved file.

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