A 1 Term Student license means that UVLayout will stop running 4 months (121 days) after you’ve purchased the software. To extend the time you would need to buy another Student license, or upgrade to a Hobbyist or Professional permanent license.

There are no restrictions on who can buy a Student license (i.e. you don’t need to provide proof of enrollment in a course).

The Student version, like the Hobbyist version, is missing some of the more advanced features available in the Professional version of UVLayout. Click here to find out more about these missing tools.

Note: Australian buyers should >> click here << to make their purchases. The prices shown here are for International buyers only.
UVLayout Student 4 Month35.00
Total Due USD 35.00

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After you have ordered the license, make sure you click on the Finalize Your Order button shown on the final page. This triggers the final processing that generates and emails your activation key. If you skip this step, then we will need to process your order manually during our normal office hours.

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